5forU - FAQ

5forU – What is that?

5forU means "5 years for you" and is addressed to the customers. Within the framework of 5forU the warranty period for certain device series is extended from 2 years to 5 years.

When will 5forU start?

Bender will be starting the 5forU campaign from 01 January 2012. All relevant devices that are bought from 01 January 2012 can be registered on the Internet from that date.

To whom does 5forU apply?

5forU can apply to anybody who buys a device from the relevant device series as from 01.01.2012 and/or who uses a device that was bought as from 01.01.2012. In order to claim the three‐year extension, the device must however be registered online at the website www.bender‐5forU.com within 24 months following delivery. The five‐year warranty is bound to the device. 

Who can register the devices?

Registration can be done by anybody who has the necessary information such as the name of the end customer and the exact place of installation, so for example, by the end customer himself or by an installer.

How can you register one or several devices?

The devices can only be registered via the Internet (www.bender‐5forU.com). Via the homepage you get to a registration form in the respective national language. Using this form, you can register one or several devices.

Which devices are relevant for the 5forU campaign?

5forU starts for the time being using selected device series. The precise list of devices can be found in the annex. All 5forU‐relevant devices are marked with the 5forU campaign stamp on the outer packaging. Some devices will never take part in the campaign. This does not however mean that the quality of these devices will be less. What is more, for example, older device series are withdrawn if we cannot be sure that over the next few years components will continue to be available for repair work purposes. Also for new products 5forU will be introduced carefully step by step.

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