Manufacturer's Warranty

Bender Manufacturer's Warranty

(As at: 01.01.2012)

We provide a warranty for the products listed in the appendix in accordance with the following conditions: 

  1. We provide a warranty pursuant to the following regulations by removing free of charge the product defects that are demonstrably caused by a material or manufacturing defect within the warranty period. The buyer's claims that are based on liability for defects ensuing from the contract of sale with the seller as well as statutory rights are not restricted as a result of this warranty. 
  2. The warranty period is 5 years. The warranty period starts when the product is delivered by Bender from our works in Grünberg/Siersleben to the customer. The date on the delivery note is decisive in determining the start of the warranty period. The warranty period for the product is neither extended nor renewed as a result of performance under warranty.
  3. The warranty shall apply to all products purchased from Bender from 1.1.2012, provided that the buyer registers these products within two years following purchase. Registration can only be done on the Internet under Registration is only then possible if the buyer declares that it agrees to the storage of its data that is to be entered there. 
  4. The following are excluded from the warranty:  
    • Product defects that result from non-compliance with operating instructions, usage that is not in accordance with the regulations, abnormal environmental conditions, inappropriate operating conditions or from a lack of maintenance or servicing of the products.
    • Product defects that were caused by using accessories, supplementary parts or replacement parts that are not parts originating from Bender.
    • Products that have been modified or supplemented.
    • Products that are taken apart partially or totally.
    • Minor deviations from the required quality that are irrelevant as far as the value and the usability of the product are concerned. 
  5. The removal of the defect accepted by us as being covered by the warranty shall be done in such a way that we shall either repair the defective product free of charge or we shall replace it with a faultless product (if need be, also a follow-up model). Title to the replaced products or parts shall pass to us.
  6. The warranty claim must be asserted within the warranty period. For this purpose the registered product must be submitted or sent to Bender. If the buyer sends the product to Bender, then the buyer shall bear the costs of transport and the transport risk. 
  7. The right to the removal of product defects, as referred to in these warranty conditions, is the only right covered by our warranty. In particular Bender shall not bear any assembly and disassembly costs.
  8. German law shall apply to this warranty to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The place of jurisdiction is Gießen, Germany.  


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